ISTD Modern & Tap

ISTD modern and tap dance classes

Experience the thrill of highly energetic dancing with tap dance and modern dance. From high kicks, leaps and turns to tapping the feet and creating rhythmic sounds and timely beats, modern dance helps you train your body to be strong and flexible. It also helps you gain a strong sense of musicality. Contact Aspinall Academy of Dance to register for our class. Our classes are suitable for those who live in or around Wilmslow, Heald Green and Mobberly.

About the classes and exam syllabus

Our modern theatre dance classes (grade 1 to vocational grades) and tap dance classes (age 5 to 18 year old) follow the ISTD syllabus. Children From 18 months can join the Hand in Hand program, after which they can join the Beginner’s tap (3 to 4 year olds) and Transition tap (4 to 5 years).

Beginner’s and transition dance classes for children

Get your children enrolled for dance and theatre at an early age. Starting from Hand in Hand classes for the 18 month to 3 years olds to beginner’s and transition classes for the pre-school, you can trust our qualified professionals to train your child through fun-filled sessions. Contact Aspinall Academy of Dance professionals in Wilmslow to get trained by ISTD associates.

Register for our modern dance classes.